Binary Options Scam

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Binary Options is a highly controversial investment product. It’s so controversial in fact that many countries classified this product as gambling, not investing. In the last couple of years, most countries have moved to deregulate and outlawing Binary Option trading completely.

Challenging binary options brokers can be very complex and mistakes can cost you.  E-Assets Retrieval analyzes your case and assists you on how to recover your money from a fake binary options company or individual.

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How Binary Options Scams Work


Operating, a Binary Options Scams is incredibly easy for perpetrators. The fraudsters are able to entice investors with an easy to use investment product where you can simply guess if the market will go up or down in a given lifetime. While it feels like you are trading global markets the truth is what you’re doing closer to a slot machine.

What they do

Manipulate Price Feed

Binary Options operators are able to control whether you win or lose. Their preference is for you to lose so they can not only take your money but encourage you to try again and again.

Refusal to Payout

You may make a deposit to a Binary Options Broker and possibly they let you win some rounds to gain your confidence. When you decide to withdraw your modest gains you find that’s not actually possible.


After making your deposit you may find that your sales representative becomes unreachable. That’s because this con artist hasn’t even bothered to indulge you with a rigged platform to lose your money on.

Have you been Scammed by a Binary Options Broker?

A Binary Options Scam by Any Other Name Is Still a Scam
Due to the ubiquitous nature of the scam and the damage it has inflicted on consumers, a growing number of countries have banned binary options trading by retail investors. In 2018 the European Union (EU) enacted a temporary ban as well, which has since been renewed on an ongoing basis. In addition, Google and Facebook have ceased accepting ads linked to binary options sites. These actions, as welcome as they are, merely encouraged many operators of phony binary options sites to re-brand them as online Forex brokerages and even as private banking firms. Our duty is to assist you recover back your money by using techniques we have mastered over the years with the aid of seasoned professionals to help you out.

Beware. The terminology has changed but the scam remains the same.

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