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Online scams are everywhere. Forex trading scams, crypto scams, and broker fraud as well as hacking and phishing activities make the web a potentially hazardous place. For those who have lost money to these scams, a cyber intelligence report is an important weapon to fight back.

A cyber intelligence report is created after in-depth consultation and expert investigation into the specific situation and the behavior of the suspected scam artists in general. It involves meeting with cyber intelligence professionals with the goal of improving the chances of fund recovery. A cyber intelligence report provides authorities with a road map to catching up with fraudsters and retrieving funds for clients.

Trader Defense Advisory experts have extensive expertise in cyber intelligence and fund recovery. If you have lost money to a forex trading scam, a crypto scam, or other types of fraud, contact TDA experts who will work with you every step on the path to fund recovery.

What are Cyber Intelligence Reports?

Cyber intelligence reports are the findings after a thorough investigation into a cyber crime, in this case an online scam, presented in an organized format. It is a summary of not only a specific client’s experience with the scam but an extensive examination that can reveal past activities and the identities of the people behind the frauds.

A cyber intelligence report is a valuable tool that aids fund recovery services, law enforcement, regulators, and government authorities to combat cybercrime and track down frauds. Research is one of the most challenging and labor-intensive aspects of this process. A cyber report completes a large chunk of this work so the authorities can have more time and more leading information to catch up with online scams.


When Do You Need a Cyber Intelligence Report?

Those who have been the target of cybercrime, such as forex trading scams, bitcoin scams, and other frauds should consider having a cyber intelligence report created. 

It is important for those who have been affected by any kind of cybercrime to report the incident. Any information provided by victims can be helpful in tracking down cybercriminals since many fraudsters engage in multiple scams. 

Along with a crypto or forex complaint, it is useful to work with professionals to draft a cyber intelligence report. This means providing detailed information about your experience with the fraudulent party which can give the cyber intelligence expert enough information to dig deeper in a thorough investigation.

How are Cyber Reports Created?

There is a multi-step process to creating a cyber intelligence report.

Initial Consultation
Data Collection
Drafting the cyber intelligence report
Following up on the cyber report and fund recovery

Cyber intelligence reports begin in a similar way to filing a cybercrime complaint, but it is more in-depth. In the beginning, the client meets with a cyber intelligence expert and describes, in general terms, what happened with the fraudulent company or broker. The expert will then tell the client what precisely is needed to draft a successful cyber intelligence report. 

The client will collect as much data as they can related to their relationship with the suspected scam. This includes emails, texts, contracts, screenshots and other information. It is important to collect as much data as possible and allow the cyber intelligence expert to decide what is relevant or not. 

Interestingly, in many cases tracking down a cybercriminal can be based on discovering unique turns of phrase, recycled fact points, and statistics, and other details many people would otherwise overlook. That is the reason why even an ordinary email or text may help cyber intelligence experts unmask the creators of crypto scams or forex scams. 

Cybercriminals often have more than one scam they are operating at any given time. Details, such as favorite phrases and links, can help investigators connect the dots and help them bring down several frauds at once. This is why sharing information is important and working with experts who have working relationships with authorities is useful. 

After the first part of the data collection has been completed, the cyber intelligence expert will investigate and work to track down the cybercriminals. The expert may consult with the client again for further information as needed. Cyber intelligence professionals use a combination of advanced skills, technology, and their working relationships with authorities to track down cybercriminals. 

After the investigation, the expert creates the cyber intelligence report which can be presented to law enforcement, regulators and authorities. They can then use this report to unmask the identities of those behind the online scam. Armed with this report, the authorities or a company can begin the fund recovery process.

What Are the Advantages of Cyber Intelligence Report?


A cyber intelligence report gives investigators a head start in tracking down cybercrime. There is such a high number of online scams, including forex scams and crypto scams, that it can be an overwhelming task to investigate all of them from scratch. However, a cyber intelligence report takes care of a large amount of this work and can give some claimants a significant advantage. 

With the right cyber intelligence report, you can make your case stand out. If you are supposed to complete a task, having the first, time-consuming phase taken care of ahead of time will make it easier. Armed with a detailed, professionally generated cyber intelligence report will make the prospect of pursuing your case more attractive and can improve your chances of fund recovery success. 

The first step towards creating the best cyber intelligence reports is to seek out experts in the field who have a proven track record. Cyber-finance Recovery experts have combined decades of experience examining cyber crime and scams and can improve your chances of fund recovery success.

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If you have been the target of a scam and need an intelligence report, contact Cyber-finance Recovery. Our team of experts has vast combined experience dealing with forex trading scams, crypto scams, and other frauds. Consult with us and we will create a claim and help you get started on the path to retrieving your funds.


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